Why Are Maine Coons So Expensive?


  • Purebred Maine Coon kittens are expensive because they are a popular, loving, in-demand cat breed requiring time, the tender loving care of a quality breeder, and lots of upfront cost to produce. 
  • Upfront costs include food for mothers and kittens, veterinarian visits, early vaccinations/shots and testing, litter, and anything needed to provide a healthy, socialized environment for kittens. 
  • The prestige of the cattery and pedigree of the bloodline are big factors that contribute to the cost, since a quality bloodline ensures healthy genes and lowers chances of certain conditions. 
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If you have ever given serious thought to obtaining a purebred cat of any breed, you have probably thought about costs. The Maine Coon breed is a beautiful and friendly pet for anyone but you need to consider the cost.

Purebred Maine Coon kittens can range in price from $800 to almost $2000 or more. The most prestigious catteries and bloodlines will cost the most. Do those numbers sound outrageous for a cat? Why are Maine Coons so expensive?

Factors Influence Price

The cost of Maine Coons (or any purebred cat) can be broken down into a few main factors. You must consider the prestige of the breeder, what kind of bloodline the kitten is from, and even the color of the animal.

All of these have a way of affecting the price upwards or downwards.


The prestige of a cattery is something to look for when buying a Maine Coon. You know that they will be selling purebred cats with healthy genes.

However, the most prestigious catteries can charge more for their kittens. Catteries with many prize-winning cats to their name have a reputation for excellence.

Be wary of catteries that charge less than $800 for a Maine Coon cat or kitten. A low-cost kitten from a backyard breeder does not indicate a healthy animal.


Bloodlines matter a lot when it comes to purebred cats. Check to make sure your breeder provides purebred certification and paperwork showing clear lineage.

A breeder can charge more for a kitten that comes from certain prized bloodlines. These bloodlines may contain show-winning cats or cats with certain characteristics like a larger size or distinct facial features.

If bloodlines and pedigrees do not matter very much to you, think about looking at local shelters. It can be a rare find, but sometimes shelters will have adult mixed Maine Coon cats in need of a good home.

The cost of adoption is relatively cheap, usually less than a $100, depending on your location.

To see a purebred Maine Coon in a shelter is exceedingly rare. These are highly valuable cats, and owners who no longer can handle the responsibility of caring for them may be contractually obligated to send them back to their cattery.


Quality is an interesting descriptor for a purebred Maine Coon cat. When you are thinking about buying a Maine Coon kitten, consider whether you want a show-quality cat or a pet-quality cat. 

A show-quality cat will be more expensive. These types of cats are the best of the best from a breeder. They display the finest physical characteristics of the breed and meet CFA and TICA breed standards.

A pet quality cat is still an amazing Maine Coon, but their appearance does not match the caliber desired at a pet shows. For most people, pet quality is perfect.


Kittens are more expensive than purebred adult cats. This fact is true for almost any breed, including the Maine Coon. More people desire young and lively kittens, which means catteries can charge potential owners up to $2000.

Ask a breeder or cattery about rehoming adult Maine Coons! If available, it will cost less and they might even be older show cats or breeding queens or kings who never had the opportunity to be a normal pet.


For many Maine Coon lovers, the classic brown or orange tabby is their favorite color. But some coat colors and patterns are not as common.

These rarer colors sometimes cost more, like black, blue, and gray. If there are not a lot of kittens in that color to go around, a breeder can charge more.

Consider Supply and Demand

The popularity of a cat breed plays a big part in determining the average cost. The more popular a breed, the more people will be requesting them from catteries.

However, Maine Coon catteries do not have enough kittens to fill the demand. Breeding cats is a slow process that requires careful attention to ensure healthy kittens.


Your location can make a difference when it comes to cost. The country or even the U.S. state you purchase it from can make a difference. A Maine Coon cat from California or Texas might be more expensive.

Both these states have a high cost of living and more people interested in getting a Maine Coon. Plus, the basic cost of breeding Maine Coon kittens in those states will be more on average.

Why Are Maine Coons So Expensive?

You might think that purchasing a Maine Coon cat is out of your budget. But there are many other reasons why these cats have a high average cost.

First, they are a beautiful, special cat breed that developed uniquely in the United States.

Second, there are many costs associated with breeding and caring for Maine Coon kittens before they are sold by catteries. Maine Coon breeders need to worry about feeding their cats, including pregnant mothers who need extra nutrition.

They must think about housing their cats so that they grow up happy and healthy. There are other serious considerations, such as veterinary costs and genetic testing bills.

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