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white maine coon
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The White Maine Coon… an angelic cat with a radiant coat. Loyal and friendly, a Maine Coon already is a welcome family member. But with a white coat, they seem almost mythical!

This post is part of the Maine Coon color series. See posts on silverblack, orange, calico, tabby Maine Coons.

Did you saw a glimmering white Maine Coon that made you curious? Or maybe you’re currently an owner of one of these shining beauties.

Either way, this post is for you! We first go over some white symbolism, then talk about the white colored coat and its unique aspects.


Finally, we have all you need to know about the breed. You’ll even learn why only owners who can give their cat special love and care should consider white Maine Coons!

Along with the way, a ton of pictures and videos. Let’s start.

The Allure of a White Maine Coon Cat

These beauties are snowy and ethereal, and I feel like I’ve stepped into a fantasy realm when I see the glowing all white coat and green, amber or copper eyes.

White-coated Maine Coons are highly prized because people love the way their coats radiate and glisten in the sun like crystals. I personally find them to be supernatural, spiritual and stunning!

A white-coated Maine Coon is the ultimate indoor cat if you’re looking for a something to pamper. But don’t forget, they are still prime, athletic hunters!


I’m pretty partial to white-colored Maine Coon cats because this shade is just a whisper away from my silver-coated Chelle.

I can tell you that having a Maine Coon with an unconventional coat color is really fun because people are always curious about how I found such an exotic, rare cat.

All White Maine Coon Genetics

This is where the story of white-coated Maine Coons gets interesting! White-coated Maine Coons aren’t actually white. What you’re seeing is really the absence of color instead of a color.

Genetically, white Maine Coons have a special gene that masks their true underlying color.

In fact, you can often tell the “hidden” color of a white-coated Maine Coon mother after she gives birth because some of the litter will present with coats that are her true color! Others will be white like her!


You’ll only get a white-coated Maine Coon if one of the breeding parents has a solid-white coat. Only genetics determine if the masking gene will turn kittens white or their original color.

Some cat owners know their white-coated Maine Coon’s masked color because there is a small marking on the top of the head that shows off the color when they are a kitten.

But it vanishes when the cat is a few months old.

According to the Cat Fanciers Association, you have a solid white-colored Maine Coon if the cat also has pink paw pads with a pink nose tip.

White Maine Coon Mixes

If you’re going by the rules of the Cat Fanciers Association, a white-colored Maine Coon cat must be a solid color to be classified as a true white cat. That means no other markings can be present on the cat.

But that’s if you want to compete in shows. If you don’t give a flying fluff about cat accredited cat shows, white Maine Coons come in a various mixed coats too!

Descriptions below reference the CFA Maine Coon Cat Breed Standard. Not all white variants shown, missing smokes, cameos, and shade colors. Just know white can appear on any color coats.

Blue and White


A mix of blue and white, with or without white on face. White must be on bib, belly, and all four paws.

Red and White Maine Coon


A mix of red and white, with or without white on face. White must be on bib, belly, and all four paws.

Tabby and White Maine Coon


A color defined tabby (blue, blue-silver, cream, cream-silver, cameo) plus white on all four paws, the bib and the belly. They may also have white on the face.

Black and White

Photo via Askideas

A mix of black and white, with or without white on face. White must be on bib, belly, and all four paws.

Cream and White


A mix of cream and white, with or without white on face. White must be on bib, belly, and all four paws.



White with unbrindled patches of black and red. White predominant on underparts.

White Maine Coon With Blue Eyes


How hard is it to find a white-colored Maine Coon with blue eyes? While not impossible, it will take some searching.

Typically a white coat on a Maine Coon is paired with blue, green, orange, gold, amber or copper eyes. Blue is actually exclusive to Maine Coons with white coats!

Some white cats even come with odd colored eyes like above.

White Maine Coons Are Not Albino

With an albino cat, that all-white coloring is actually the result of a genetic defect that leaves the cat without any pigmentation.

For this to happen, both of the cat’s parents must actually carry genetic markers for albinism.

Once you see a side-by-side photo an albino cat and a white-coated Maine Coon, you notice the differences pretty easily. The big giveaway for albino cats is that they have pink coloring in the iris of the eye.

The paw pads and nose leather on an albino cat will also be much paler and duller than the vibrant pink on a Maine Coon with white fur.

White Maine Coons Can Get Sunburned


Something you might not know is that cats with lighter coats are actually prone to getting sunburns. Watch those shades and blinds on sunny days!

Sun exposure can lead to a condition called solar dermatitis that puts your cat at risk for skin cancer. While all cats are at risk for solar dermatitis, white cats have a higher risk.

“Cats with white or light-colored fur, as well as cats that were recently shaved, are at greatest risk of the disease, which most often affects the lighter portions of light-colored cats,” shares Dr. Corey Saba (DVM, DACVIM) from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia.

Picking a cat with a white coat also means that you have to be on top of cleaning your cat regularly. Any bit of dirt can show up on a white cat! Tear-duct stains are also common with fair-furred cats.

White Maine Coon Size

Lotus the Maine Coon

The only size difference between white-coated Maine Coon cats and other Maine Coon cats is the size of the reaction you’re going to get when people see your cat!

Honestly, there’s really no difference in size between Maine Coons of different colors. You’re still looking at an average weight of 18 to 25 pounds for males. For females, the average is 10 to 17 pounds.

As I’ve stressed before, there’s really no solid rule because your cat’s weight will ultimately be determined by things like diet, lifestyle and parental genetics.

White Maine Coon Personality

We know that color doesn’t actually influence personality for Maine Coons. These snowy gentle giants also bring all the same intelligence and vibrancy that others Maine Coons bring.

While white is a color that symbolize peace and tranquility, Maine Coons tend to be every bit as tenacious and bright as their pigmented counterparts!


These are generally very playful, non-aggressive cats that are highly sociable, easy to train and love. As far as cats go, they are affectionate and loyal. All Maine Coons are phenomenal family pets in homes with kids.

While they are active cats with plenty of energy, they can do just fine indoors as long as they have an outlet for exercise. Maine Coons are not that different to live with vs other cats, actually. It is mainly about buying the right sized gear.

Price of All-White Maine Coons

If you’re looking for a Maine Coon cat with a white coat, be prepared to pay a pretty penny. You’re obviously going to pay a premium if you want a kitten instead of an adult cat.

The going rate for a Maine Coon kitten from a breeder is between $1,000 and $2,000.

As you probably know, Maine Coons are among the most expensive cat breeds because they are so robust, beautiful and highly prized. Don’t forget a cattery incurs significant costs with each kitten too.

They’re right up in there in price with breeds like the Scottish Fold, Sphinx, Persian, and Ragdoll.

All-White Maine Coons for Adoption


You’ll have a hard time finding any Maine Coon cat in a shelter, much less white one. However, I always support checking out the local shelter or Humane Society first to see if a special cat is waiting for you.

If you really only want to adopt white Maine Coon cat though, here are several options:

First is to reach out to Maine Coon breeders and catteries in your local area. They might have retired breeding cats or have cats that have been surrendered back to them from past buyers.

Second is to search for credible non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations operating in your area who specialize in purebreds cats. Here are a few I’ve found:

  • Maine Coon Rescue provides rescue services for Maine Coon and Maine Coon mixes.
  • OMC! (Only Maine Coons Rescue) is a volunteer-run/Maine Coon rescue group. The organization rescues Maine Coon cats and kittens from shelters and unwanted situations.
  • Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue specializes in rescuing pure-bred cats including Maine Coon. Around since 1999.

Please do your own due diligence when embarking on this adventure.

All-White Maine Coon Breeders


Any Maine Coon breeder or cattery with a white breeding adult can give birth to white kittens.

But be wary of anyone who can promise you a white cat before the mother has given birth. It is tricky to know how many cats in a litter will turn out white.

Catteries really have no way of even knowing litter size until birthing day! Make sure you’re not paying for just a promise without seeing proof.

Try to find a home-based breeder who is really in this for the love of Maine Coons instead of just for the money. No pet stores!

Always ask for pedigrees of parents before putting a down payment down on a kitten. You also want to actually visit a breeder’s operations.

If possible, try to find a breeder as close to where you live as possible. This will cut down on the stress your new furry family member experiences during transit.

Are All-White Maine Coons Rare?

Yes, white cats are rare within the Maine Coon breed. It takes real expertise and devotion in a very controlled environment for experienced breeders to result in all-white Maine Coon beauties.

Keep in mind just how much these breeders are investing in time, energy and vet care to be able to produce these beautiful animals once you see the price!

My Final Take on White Maine Coons

I hope you know more about white Maine Coon cats after this guide, they really are special. I don’t have a white Maine Coon but haven’t ruled out getting a frost-colored companion for my silver girl down the road!

I want to thank you for checking out my overview of white-furred Maine Coon cats.

If you do plan to get one of your own, stick around to read up on all my carrier reviews, food reviews, owner tips, exercise tricks and more to be fully prepared for life with one of these gentle giants!

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