11 Silver Maine Coons You Must See

Photo via: Catza.net

A silver Maine Coon is captivating. From their shimmering aura to the depth and variation of coats, it’s just so alluring. They hold a dear place in my heart, because my own cat is silver herself. Let’s look at some silver Maine Coon cats!

This post is part of the Maine Coon color series. See posts on orange, black, white, calico, tabby Maine Coons.

1. Smoke Silver Maine Coon Cat from Hawaii

Meet Chelle, my Maine Coon girl. She is a “smoke” silver Maine Coon, with “smoke” meaning her fur is gray on the outer coat but the roots are silver.

She appears solidly silver-gray, but her undercoat is much lighter. In particular, her underside and belly are almost white. The contract is pretty dramatic if you ask me. The undercoat has become more prominent as she grows up.

Smoke Maine Coons have lighter fur on their belly, with their faces, legs, feet being a little darker.

2. Finnish Silver Tabby Maine Coon Cat

Photo via: Catza.net

This pampered specimen is a silver Maine Coon from Finland, where he can be found on the cat show circuit, and fawned upon by her parents and doting photographers.

3. Another Finnish Silver Tabby Maine Coon

Photo via: Catza.net

Here’s another silver tabby Maine Coon cat from Finnish cat shows with extra fluffy neck scruff!

4. Solid Dark Silver Maine Coon

Solid silver Maine Coon
Photo via Maine Coon Fanciers and Breeders Association

Look at that solid dark silver Maine Coon cat! The lack of stripes, patterns, or patches in the fur really accentuate how solid and large the cat is!

5. Silver Tabby Maine Coon on a Couch

This distinguished silver Maine Coon showing off signature tabby patterns. The classic silver tabby Maine Coon has the trademark “M” marking on their forehead, with distinctive swirls on the head, body, and limbs.

There are more swirls on their cheeks and patches on their shoulders. The impression is that the cat’s fur is “marbled” and spiral-looking.

6. Silver Tabby Maine Coon On Top of a Cat Perch

Another large (and in charge) tabby silver Maine Coon cat sitting on a perch on the top of his cat tree. Notice how thick and chunky the cat tree had to be to support 20+ pounds of big cat from the top!

By the way, a silver tabby Maine Coon can also be in different categories, depending on their pattern. According to the CFA Breed standards, these patterns are classic tabby, mackeral tabby, and ticked tabby.

7. Ticked Silver Tabby Maine Coon

Photo via Maine Coon Fanciers and Breeders Association

This sleek beast is a ticked silver Maine Coon, and ready for his close up!

A ticked tabby has ticked hairs, that is, each each hair is marked with different shades. The body does not have markings, patches, spots. Their face and legs can show some signature tabby marks.

Remember, these are show-cat quality judging parameters, and in real life it can be hard tell the different tabby patterns apart.

8. Shaded Silver Maine Coon

This angelic shaded silver smoke beauty strikes a pose and humans just cannot. Where’s his publicist?!

With a shaded silver Maine Coon, the fur actually is two tone, like with smoke, but now more like half of the hair is silver, vs just the roots. The overall appearance is an almost white cat. Shaded silver cream and shaded silver red are most common.

9. Blue Silver Maine Coon

Blue Silver Tabby Maine Coon
Photo via Maine Coon Fanciers and Breeders Association

This blue silver Maine Coon is such a good (and rare) boy! Blue silver are a highly sought, so must be mentioned here.

Black is one of the primary color of Maine Coons, and if a dilute gene is present, the black turns into silver and blue. And as always, white is always a possible.

10. Blue Silver Tabby Maine Coon

Blue Silver Tabby and White Maine Coon
Photo via Maine Coon Fanciers and Breeders Association

Another show stopper is this silver blue tabby Maine Coon. As opposed to their solid blue friends, silver blue Maine Coons can be found with tabby, smoke, or shaded patterns.

11. Sean Coonery – Youtuber Silver Maine Coon

This is Sean Coonery, and he has a popular Youtube channel. Check out his videos, he’s a super bubbly and energetic, gorgeous cat that loves to chat with his human!

Silver Maine Coon Variations

Coat VariationDescription
Solid SilverA solid silver coat is characterized by a uniform silver throughout the cat’s body without any distinct patterns or markings.
Silver TabbySilver tabbies have a silver base coat with darker grey or black stripes or swirls. The tabby pattern can be classic, mackerel, or ticked.
Silver SmokeSilver smokes have a silver undercoat with another color on the tips of their fur, giving them an overall smoky appearance.
Silver ShadedSilver shaded Maine Coons have a silver undercoat with silver making about half of the fur, and another on the ends. Shaded silver is simply more silver on hairs vs smoke silver. `

I alluded to the different silver variations in the pictures, but wanted to show an easy-to-read chart as well!

The silver can range from blue silver to cream silver, or red silver and black silver. White fur can be seen mixed into some of these categories.

Silver Maine Coon Price

Expect to pay anywhere from $1000 – $3000 and up for a purebred silver Maine Coon kitten.

While it may seem high, understand that breeding happy healthy kittens in the correct environment is extremely costly. The cattery has to take care of the parents, of the kittens, essential supplies for both, and all veterinary costs associated with pregnancy.

And after the kittens are born, don’t forget the spay and neutering. Then all shots, vaccinations, boosters for a whole litter of kittens.

Next there are probably more buyers than kittens available. A cattery might also show their cats on the show circuit to show off their cats. Award winning and competition operations naturally command higher prices.

Where To Find a Silver Maine Coon for Sale?

There are a few options to get yourself a silver Maine Coon cat for sale. You can start at local cat shows in your area. There, you’ll find the cat fancy community and Maine Coons will definitely be present.

You can speak to cattery owners and meet breeders, get a card, and schedule a time to visit their operation.

Check out the complete checklist of questions to ask a cattery while you’re there.

You can also search online and social media as well. Most catteries have websites and are active on Facebook or Instagram.

Be mindful of cheap kittens or quickly available kittens – they might be signs of a kitten mill. Not only do they not have the animal’s welfare in mind, kittens from these places may be at higher risk of health problems.

Silver Maine Coon Size

Silver Maine Coons are the same size as other Maine Coons. That is, much larger than your normal cat.

Males are about 18 – 25 pounds and females 10-17 pounds, on average. I’ve seen females that are larger than males, so it’s not a hard and fast rule.

Because of their size, always get a large enough litter box for them.

Silver Maine Coon’s size may seem especially apparent because it is lighter and that long hair coat just seems to shine bright. I get it! See my full post on the size of Maine Coons.

Silver Maine Coon Kittens

Silver Maine Coon kittens have fur that do not seem that silver when they are little. The silver undercoat takes a bit of time to become more apparent… but she goes, she goes!

Silver Maine Coon kittens get their genes like this…

Male kittens get both genes from the mother, and will always be her color or “dilute” of it.

Female kittens get 1 gene from each parent and will always be a combination of them or a “dilute” of it.

Patterns are inherited from either parent.

By the way, silver fur is actually a dilute of the black gene! In cats there are only 2 primary colors, red and black.

Of course, genetics are WAY more complex, and for those of you interested in that sort of thing, there are Maine Coon color calculators out there. And straight from the CFA Basic Feline Genetics.

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