Should You Bathe a Maine Coon?


  • Bathing your Maine Coon regularly is recommended. I like to do it every 4-5 weeks, but adjust frequency for you cats needs. 
  • Bathing removes dirt, oil, debris, litter, loose undercoat and top coat, and everything else.
  • Shampoo and conditioner results in a lighter coat, important all year round for comfort, but especially in the heat of spring and summer. 
  • Start bathing your Maine Coon kitten early to get them acclimated to it.

Anyone considering owning a Maine Coon needs to know what to expect when it comes to hygiene. Many people think that cats are self-cleaning creatures and keep themselves clean enough.

So should you bathe your Maine Coon cat? The answer is yes, but there is nuance. While I bathe my cat, Chelle, regularly, I know the reasons why and how often I need to.

Why Your Maine Coon Requires a Bath

Bathing any cat may seem wild to many people. But there are good reasons why you should bathe a Maine Coon. Bathing is part of a healthy routine, and your cat will be happier.

A bath is never a bad thing for anyone, especially your cat. Bathing can remove loose skin, fur, dander, and dirt. These things can become irritants to your cat if they are left to build up especially during peak shedding times in Spring and Autumn.

Eventually, their fur can form uncomfortable mats. If you use a natural shampoo and conditioner, your cat will be left with a cleaner, shinier, and less greasy coat. 

Bathing a Maine Coon cat can be especially important if you live in a hot climate during the summer months. Their long, thick fur coats will feel much lighter and breathable after a bath. By the way they are always long haired, and short hair Maine Coons are likely mixes.

Both indoor and outdoor Maine Coon cats are exposed to a lot of things, including dirt, fleas, litter dust, and other stuff that sticks in the fur. Regular bathing can remove these things before it ends up on your bed, lap, counters, and everywhere else in your home.

You might say that because you brush your cat regularly you do not need to bathe them. However, regular grooming does not get them as deeply clean as a bath.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Maine Coon?

Typically, there is no set schedule for bathing your cat. Try to bathe them no more often than once a month. 

Understand that you may need to take baby steps to get your Maine Coon used to baths. Try to make baths a regular part of their routine or you may have trouble.

If your Maine Coon cat is an indoor cat, you may be able to go longer between baths. Some indoor cat owners never bathe their cats.

However, many people recommend a bath if they pick up a strange smell, get fleas, or become unable to clean themselves like they used to. Even indoor cats can have an accident in their litter box or make a mess somewhere in the house. A dirty cat needs some help getting clean.

Should You Bathe a Maine Coon Kitten?

If anything, a kitten might get dirtier due to their curiosity. Kittens need help staying clean just like adult cats. There are no big reasons to wait until your Maine Coon is older to begin giving them baths.

Starting a bathing routine early will allow them to adjust to the water easier. You will be thankful later when your adult cat tolerates baths and (kind of) likes their monthly routine.

Proper Way to Bathe a Maine Coon

There is a right and a wrong way to bathe a cat. Always choose the right way, as summarized below. Your cat will thank you!

1. Gather Your Tools

Before you begin, make sure you have everything you need. You will not have the ability to leave your cat unattended if you forget something. Brushes, shampoo, and towels should be close at hand. The room should be as warm as possible, and the water warmed.

2. Soak Your Cat

An important part of the bathing process is soaking your cat. Use your hands to get water down under their thick coat, but make sure to avoid the ears and eyes. This task can be difficult if your cat is not well-adjusted to water or baths.

3. Shampoo Time

Next, grab your shampoo of choice. Check the instructions on the bottle and use it accordingly. You might need a brush to help distribute the product into your Maine Coon’s coat. Avoid getting shampoo on the face. 

4. Give Them a Thorough Rinse

After shampooing, you will need to rinse out the product. Do this part slowly to avoid startling your cat. Use the shower head set to a lukewarm temperature and a gentle setting. Use your fingers to remove all the shampoo from deep within the fur coats. 

5. Repeat

After the first shampooing, you may need to repeat. Maine Coon cats have very thick coats. A thorough washing may require multiple shampoos. 

6. Dry Your Cat

Once your cat is as clean as possible, you need to dry them thoroughly. Firmly stroke excess water out of the coat, then grab a towel. You should take your time with this step. Do not roughly dry them. Instead, use gentle strokes with a firm hand. 

Dos and Don’ts

Remember some of these essential tips the next time you go to bathe your Maine Coon. You should never use human shampoo when bathing your cat. These products are not designed for their skin and coat.

You should brush them before and after a bath. Proper grooming can prevent matting and helps with the process of removing dead skin and fur.

Do not bathe your cat more than once a month or you risk drying out their skin.

And always ensure that they are fully dry after their bath. Long, wet fur can easily tangle. This can lead to an uncomfortable situation later for you and your Maine Coon.

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