Orange Maine Coon: The Ultimate Guide

The orange Maine Coon… a warm, shining example of the perfect, friendly cat. Social, intelligent, and loyal, the Maine Coon is already a real joy in your household.

And if they are orange, the sun literally shines when they scamper into the room and do something silly. Whether you own an orange Maine Coon cat or are planning to purchase a kitten, this post will be fun and interesting to you.

This post is part of the Maine Coon color series. See posts on silver, black, white, calico, tabby Maine Coons.

First, let’s talk about color orange and what it stands for – maybe that’s why you want an orange Maine Coon!

Second is the essential orange Maine Coon cat biography!

This picture cracks me up so much 🤣

Last, we look at variations the orange coat can come in.

The Orange Maine Coon Cat – Good and Standard

Look at an orange Maine Coon’s face and you see brightly shining green-amber eyes, looking inquisitively at you.

Those amber eyes match his orange muzzle and cheeks, but could be a little lighter. An orange chin and nose, and on top light orange ears and lynx-link ear tufts.

The vibe is, like Fanta soda or Nickelodean, something that brims with lightness, enthusiasm, and amiability. Make that a large Fanta!

Photo via Wikicommons

From Garfield to a humble neighborhood stray, the image of an orange cat is a comforting, stable presence in human’s lives.

And this describes the orange Maine Coon wonderfully. They are very loyal, family-friendly, and a prime example of the breed.

Not content to stay home though, some of these gentle giants are also doted-on show cats that work the circuit.

Ginger Maine Coons vs Orange Maine Coons

Ginger Maine Coons and Orange Maine Coons are the same thing – Red Maine Coons.

Say what?

In feline genetics there are only 2 primary colors – red and black. And this “red” actually manifests in fur as the orange color.

The orange coat, depending on smokiness and other modifying genes, can express itself in a range from deep to light orange, ginger, or golden rod yellow.

That’s why orange Maine Coons are classified under “Red” according to the Cat Fancier’s Association.

I forgive you if you’re confused! Call the orange/red/ginger Maine Coon cat what you like, as long as they’re in your house 🙂

Personality of Orange Maine Coons

In our heads, we understand that animal’s general personality does not depend on its color.

Photo via

But in our hearts, we definitely attribute tendencies and quirks to the color. For an orange Maine Coon…

  • A meow is more encouraging
  • A cuddle is so affectionate
  • Actions have an enjoyment about them
  • Movements are always friendly

The lovable and large Maine Coon cat is well regarded for its sociability and easy-going nature.

Maine Coons are intelligent and easily trained to do basic tricks or walk outside on a leash.

There is also a certain sureness in how this breed of cat moves, due to its large tufted feet, square chest, solid stature and those big bones.

This body has elite-level mouser and full time bodybuilder in its history!

A reminder though, all Maine Coons are individuals so might not be exactly as in the above generalizations!

There are different types of Maine Coons, and each cat will have more certain of traits.

You’re lucky you feed me, human
Photo via

Proper socialization as a kitten and a nurturing environment is also absolutely a huge aspect of every Maine Coon’s overall personality.

Temperament of Orange Maine Coons

A great temperament is a signature of the Maine Coon. They are wonderful, stable, and make great family pets and companions.

To start… calm and chill, yet goofy, and gentle with babies and children.

Photo via

The “gentle giant” stereotype positively is true!

And more often than not, an orange Maine Coon is strolling into a room, tail flipped up and curled like a question mark, noting they’re in a good mood.

With that, they are ready to own the room and bask in the people’s attention. This is not a scaredy 🐈.

give me attention and/or lasagna!
Photo via

Or if it’s only the owner in the room, cat will plop down next to human just as happily. No drama and neuroticism here.

Price of Orange Maine Coon Cats

Be prepared to pay between $1000 to $3000 and up for purebred orange Maine Coon kittens.

The big range depends on just two variables.

  • what’s the reputation of the cattery?
  • are there orange kittens?

A Maine Coon cattery with a

  • good reputation
  • proper health and safety standards
  • that puts out healthy kittens, season after season,

will be able to charge more for their orange kittens.

If the breeder actually shows their own cats on the show circuit and does well, it raises their stock too.

Meaning their line of cats will grow up to be what you expect a standard Maine Coon to be. This reputation and genetic line costs money.

Second, it’s determined by availability of orange kittens.

If many buyers have placed their names on the breeder’s wait list for orange cats, they can surely increase the rates.

Now, if you’re 100% set on an energizing orange Maine Coon kitten, just place your name on a wait list and be patient.

Orange is a pretty common coat color and is present in many coat patterns, so you don’t need to wait too long!

Orange Maine Coon Color Classes

If you think of an orange Maine Coon, does a tabby come to mind? That is one of the basic orange coats… but there’s a lot more!

Formally, the Cat Fancier’s Association recognizes 4 main classes of Orange Maine Coon. Remember, they call this color “red.”

Solid Red

Photo via Maine Coon Breeders & Fanciers Association

deep, rich, clear, brilliant red; without shading, markings, or ticking. Lips and chin the same color as coat.

Nose leather and paw pads: brick red.

CFA Maine Coon Breed Standard

A solid red (orange) Maine Coon is a misnomer, but don’t get too confused. All red cats are tabbies, so they have tabby patterning in some form.

In the case of solid red show Maine Coons, their patterns are in a similar low-contrast color like honey, yellow, or champagne…. so they appear “solid.”

Red Tabby AKA Orange and White

Photo via Maine Coon Breeders & Fanciers Association

(classic, mackerel, ticked): ground color red. Markings deep, rich red. White trim around lip and chin allowed. Nose leather and paw pads: brick red desirable.

CFA Maine Coon Breed Standard

This is the classic Maine Coon cat! A mostly orange coat with various tabby markings is instantly recognizable.

While Garfield, Morris, or countless other famous red tabbies may not be Maine Coons, an orange and white Maine Coon will surely be the star of your home!

Red Tabby and White

Photo via Maine Coon Breeders & Fanciers Association

(classic, mackerel, ticked): color as defined for the red tabby with or without white on the face. Must have white on bib, belly, and all four feet.

CFA Maine Coon Breed Standard

This variation is the above, but with white on their chest, belly, and paws.

Imagine a red tabby Maine Coon wearing an apron and rain boots!

Red and White (Bi-Color Class, Including Vans)

Photo via Pinterest

…a combination of red and white, with or without white on face. Must have white on bib, belly, and all four paws.

CFA Maine Coon Breed Standard

This class is simply any of the top two above classes, with white fur present on more than just the chest, belly, and paws.

The face, back legs, and tail are the usual spots (and patches, if we are talking about Vans).

Cameo Smoke AKA Red Smoke

Photo via Maine Coon Breeders & Fanciers Association

…white undercoat, deeply tipped with red. Cat in repose appears red. In motion the undercoat is clearly apparent. Points and mask red with narrow band of white at base of hairs next to skin which may be seen only when fur is parted.

Nose leather, rims of eyes and paw pads: rose.

CFA Maine Coon Breed Standard

Cameo smoke is an amazing color. This is a that Maine Coon seems solid red, but as they move, the undercoat of silver shines through. So fancy!

Cameo Smoke with White AKA Red Smoke with White

Photo via Maine Coon Breeders & Fanciers Association

…color as defined for cameo smoke with or without white on the face. Must have white on bib, belly, and all four paws.

CFA Maine Coon Breed Standard

This is the above variant, plus white on the chest, belly, and paws. Totally eye-catching patterning and beautiful.

Where Do I Find Orange Maine Coon Kittens?

Just like with adopting an adult cat, the only avenue I recommend in looking for orange Maine Coon kittens is a CFA or TICA affiliated breeder.

One way to start is to do a search online on your favorite search engine, Facebook, or Instagram.

After you have a list of potentials, cross-reference it with this list of CFA accredited catteries (or TICA accredited) and ensure they are on it.

Too many times, people searching for orange Maine Coon kittens for sale only go by rate, emailed pictures, and phone calls.

If possible, an actual visit to their operation gives you true peace of mind, insofar as not supporting backyard breeders and kitten mills.

Photo via Wikicommons

These places don’t put feline welfare first, and more than that, it ultimately affects the health and future of orange Maine Coon kittens sold to you….

A living creature you will be responsible for, financially and otherwise.

Go To a Cat Show

Photo via

Another great method to look for the orange Maine Coon kitten of your dreams is to go to a cat show.

Check out the CFA or TICA calendar of events and see what shows are coming near you!

There you will see the top local breeders showing off their hard work! So go in, get some chit-chat, grab their card, and get the relationship started.

What about Orange Maine Coons for Sale and Adoption?

To find adult orange Maine Coons for sale, go to local cat shows and meet breeders and cattery owners. See if they are Cat Fancier’s Association accredited.

Then talk to them, go to their cattery and have a look around. They may be adult or senior orange Maine Coons available for adoption.

You could be their angel!

Are Orange Maine Coon Cats Rare?

Solid orange Maine Coons are rare because it requires very tight, small tabby patterns that are also low contrast. Orange tabbies are not rare. Orange is one of two main color genes in cats, and can express itself in many forms

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