The Maine Coon Vs Normal Cats


  • Maine Coons are 1.5 times the length and height, and at least 2 times the weight vs other cats.
  • Despite the size, they are “gentle giants” and never mean. Their “meow” is higher pitched than normal cats. 
  • Common personality traits include being people-oriented, friendly, engaging, calm, and outgoing. No fear and anxiety like typical cats.
  • Maine Coons have distinct features in their coats, ears, eyes, whiskers, paws, and tail vs other cats. 
  • The price of a Maine Coon from an accredited breeder/cattery range from $800 – $2000+, vs free or low cost for normal cats. 
Maine Coon vs Normal cat

Maine Coons vs normal cats – what are the differences? Maine Coons are a special cat breed, but how do they compare to other felines?

The experience living with a majestic Maine Coon vs a normal cat can be broken down into a few sections. Let’s waste no time and get into what those points are compared to a regular cat.

Maine Coons vs Normal Cat Size

That’s Chelle, my 15lb Maine Coon girl. Notice anything?

Yup! Let’s get the obvious out of the way – the size of a Maine Coon is probably the most noticeable thing about the breed versus a normal house cat.

Generally are dramatically big compared to a typical house cat, and even smaller Maine Coon’s body part is thicker, fuller, covered with more and thicker fur! Nature is wonderful, really.

(And it’s probably a factor that drew you to it. It’s okay, we all want miniature tigers walking around our house. I know I did.)

Weight and Height

A normal house cat averages less than 10 pounds and probably won’t reach 10 inches in height. That’s less than a ruler on the ground!

The average Maine Coon weighs 18 pounds and reaches 10-16 inches tall. Yeah, they start where other cats end and are double the weight!

And it’s the average, meaning a significant portion (like the males) will be larger. About 25 pounds is the high end! Height, weight, and mass are indicate if a cat might be a Maine Coon.

Compared to a normal cat, the overall impression when you look at the Maine Coon is massive.

Photo via Reddit user /DefinitelyAverage

When choosing cat furniture, like cat trees, litter boxes, or scratching posts, see that the equipment can accommodate such weights.

The Gentle Giant

But for all that cat, a Maine Coon is never fearsome, never intimidating. It doesn’t even cross their mind to use it to their advantage.

Your buddy is a real “Gentle Giant,” with a distinct “meow” so high pitched and tiny you wonder if you heard it correct.

Compared that to a normal house cat’s solid, strong “meow.”

The contrast is wonderful when accounting for their appearance compared to regular cats.

If you want the chance of the largest Maine Coon, select a male kitten as they grow up to be larger than female on average.

(Of course, each cat is an individual, so this is not guaranteed!)

Personality of the Maine Coon vs Regular Cats

Photo via Wikicommons

The personality is the best thing about a Maine Coon vs a regular cat, if I am being honest.

Despite the cat’s looks attracting all the attention initially, what really gets you to stay is their wonderful and companionable personality!

Commonly agreed upon descriptions of the Maine Coon temperament includes traits like people-oriented, friendly, engaging, calm, and outgoing.

Last note before we get into it – I am speaking in generalities. Maine Coons, like all cats, are individual living creatures with distinct personalities.

If you want to read more on Maine Coon personality, check out my full post on it!

The Famous Maine Coon Temperament

These are wonderfully chill, relaxed, and non-neurotic cats.

Maine Coons make great family pets for their adaptability with babies, kids, other pets and so on.

Purebreed Maine Coons are show cats, you know. And used to being poked, prodded, and handled by strangers.


Even if you don’t show your animal, this temperament is still very apparent! Patient, docile, and gentle are a few words that come to mind.

Now versus a regular normal cat – scaredy 🐈’s that bolt at the first sign of anything, and are always ready with a paw or bite if handled wrong.

How Are Maine Coon Cats Different?

A big part of why Maine Coons are different because of their awesome sociability. These very special cats love people and have to be around people.

They follow owners around the house, and settle down by them. They investigate anything the owner is up to and doing.

Typical Maine Coon stuff

Some of their favorite past times include such unorthodox activities:

  • supervising your work to ensure quality
  • watching you on the toilet or attempting to join you in the shower
  • chilling in the sink
  • playing fetch

Highly trainable and a real clever breed of cat, they are real pals that join their human and really contribute to the relationship!

They don’t just like their owners, they like most other humans as well!

A typical Maine Coon is found in a crowded living room, holding court with their audience and photobombing Instagram posts!

Or working that magnetic personality at a second job in senior living facilities, mental health institutions, or hospitals as therapy cats.

Are Maine Coon Cats Hard to Take Care Of?

Like these fancy show meow-dels! (via

If the above sounds the Maine Coon cat is high maintenance, no worries!

A purebred pedigreed Maine Coon from a proper breeder is non-neurotic and free of issues like separation or anxiety versus a normal cat.

This is because all good breeders and catteries put the goodwill of their kittens first, with socialization and exposure to normal life a part of their formative early years.

Compared to a regular cat you adopt from a shelter with no papers and mysterious past, Maine Coons are less likely to be high maintenance in terms of personality. But Maine Coons can face health problems common to all cats.

Are Maine Coon Cats Good House Cats?

I’d say they’re doing fine.

So, while the Maine Coon loves to hang out with their human all day, if you need to go to work or leave for the day, they are fine as a house cat.

Don’t let those melancholy long looks out the window fool you, your Maine Coon is happy as a clam indoors – as long as their owner provides:

  • Exercise
  • Space to call their own, like a cat tree
  • Intellectual Stimulation
  • A connection to the outside
  • Love and caring!

But let’s say you see the hashtag #adventurecat all over social media, with owners taking their cats walking

Making you wonder if it’s alright to keep your little killer indoors.

All cats, big or small

Actually, most of those cats (including lots of Maine Coons) are mostly indoor cats, able to only wander outside on a leash and harness.

And of course, it is social media, so everyone see’s the results (cats outside walking) and not the work…

What work? I mean the long, sometimes difficult training leash and harness training. It’s not natural for a cat anymore, even one as wild-looking at the Maine Coon!

Physical Features of Maine Coons Compared to Regular Cats

The Maine Coon breed of cat has so many extraordinary physical features compared to regular cats. They’re just winning accolades effortlessly!

Their Color

Photo via Wikicommons

Maine Coons come in more than 75 different color and pattern combos, but none that are specific to the breed.

Meaning colors like orange, black, or silver with tabby patterns are common. All the typical colors and patterns a cat can be, the Maine Coon can be as well.


A Maine Coon’s long haired coat is a defining characteristic of the breed compared to a regular cat’s.

Their fur is super fine, like silk, and is actually 2 layers: the coat, and the undercoat. The coats are waterproof and built for playing around in the snow!

And despite appearances, grooming isn’t difficult with the right tools and long haired cat brushes (plus the occasional professional appointment).

The fur is naturally longer around the neck and chest area (the ruff, or mane), on the shanks and ribs, belly, and behind their legs.

Short hair Maine Coons do not exist. And regular cats definitely lack this permanent winter coat.


From the top… a Maine Coon’s ears are wide, large, and pointed with lynx tips and tufts of fur in the ear. Basically built in earmuffs!

Big tufted ears and lynx tips, that’s how we roll!


A Maine Coon’s eyes vs a normal cat’s is very distinct. Their eyes are big and beautiful and range from amber to gold to green, and everything in between. My silver Maine Coon has bright expressive eyes.


Next up are the whiskers, the longest of any domestic cat breed! Besides looking cool, they are basically antennae helping these big cats navigate in the dark or tight areas.

Last thing here is the actual shape of the head. This is a giveaway in seeing if your large cat is a Maine Coon or another breed.

The face is pretty wide with a square muzzle, solid chin, and high cheekbones. Regular cats tend to have a triangular face shape, in comparison.

Fur Tufts

These are extra long patches of fur in various places on a Maine Coon’s body deemed necessary by Mother Nature.

They can be found sprouting from the ears and from paws and feet. As mentioned above, they act as earmuffs and snowshoes for a life in the cold.


That luxurious tail is another huge differentiator between Maine Coons and regular cats. Super fluffy and long, it can be used as a scarf or blanket.

My girl’s tail

Most of the time, that tail is flipped up while walking around the house. It’s like a flag, really. Waving back and forth majestically in the air. A regular cat’s tail in comparison kind of looks like a thin noodle.

Price of Maine Coon vs Normal Cats

No need to sugar coat it, the price of a Maine Coon vs normal cats is many multiples more. Many factors contribute to the cost, like breeder pedigree/prestige, supply and demand, and kitten healthcare expenses.

A domestic shorthair cat is a friend you can adopt today for small fee of $50 – $100 from a humane society or shelter. You can even look on Facebook and Craigslist.

Versus looking for a Maine Coon cat for sale, which includes:

  • Finding a good CFA accredited breeder in your local area, online or at cat shows
  • Vetting them and maybe even visiting the cattery
  • Checking if they have any active litters
  • Placing your name on a waitlist for future litters

Then paying between $800 – $2000 for a Maine Coon kitten. The price can even be higher if the kitten is considered “show-quality” versus “pet quality.”

See my full post on choosing a breeder for much more details.

Adopting Adult Maine Coons

As you speak to breeders, you may find out they have adult Maine Coons ready to be adopted.

Breeders do this to give retired breeding cats a chance to be pets in their later years, and to switch up the breeding pool in their operation.

Or something happened with past owners who reached out to them, and they ended up with an additional adult.

Whatever the case, know that the price of adult Maine Coons is often much less than a kitten. If you want to go this route, you are an angel and deserve the sweetest Maine Coon!

Maine Coon vs Bobcat

Is the Maine Coon related to the bobcat? The uneven shaggy cat of a Maine Coon looks quite wild. In conjunction with their dramatic appearance and head shape, it begs the comparison.

But no, Maine Coons are 100% domestic house cat, while the bobcat is a wild lynx. No relation besides being in the cat family.

Maine Coons can actually be bigger than small bobcats. Male Maine Coons are 18-25 pounds, with females coming in at 10 – 16 pounds. Bobcats weigh about 15 – 40 pounds.

So if you take your Maine Coon outside walking, take care because people do mistake them for bobcats!

What Makes Maine Coon Cats Special?

Almost everything about the experience is unique with Maine Coon vs normal cats! From first impressions regarding their size and weight, all the way to the personality and cost of a Maine Coon kitten…

These things all just seem bigger, versus a regular cat – literally and figuratively. I hope this was informative and helped you appreciate the key differences in Maine Coons vs normal cats.

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