Maine Coon Breeders

Below you’ll find select trustworthy CFA accredited Maine Coon breeders in the USA, Canada, and Russia.

Whatever cattery you find, verify that they are with the CFA or TICA, and do your own due diligence. Then when you visit them, have these cat breeder questions to ask them.

Don’t forget go online and look on social media while checking out these breeders and their operations. Most catteries have websites now and take to social media to share pictures and give updates of upcoming or current litters.

Looking for Maine Coon Breeders Near You?

BTW another great way to find a Maine Coon breeder near you is to let them come to you. Head to an accredited cat show. There, you’ll find the top breeders from cattery’s in your area showing off their cats!

Notable Maine Coon Catteries in the USA

Reputable Maine Coon catteries exist in every state (even in Hawaii), run by passionate, hardworking breeders. Below are catteries from through the United States who have registered with the CFA’s online breeder listing.

The CFA is not the ultimate indicator of quality, but it’s a darn good one. You need to be the final judge when you visit their operation.

Some catteries show their cats in shows, some do not, and some have done so in the past. These folks got bit by the cat fancy, and strive to produce the best Maine Coons out there. 

Maine Coon Cattery in NY

Elysian Maine Coons

AlwaysLoyal Cattery

Maine Coon Cattery in California


Cameronwoods Maine Coons

Maine Coon Cattery in Texas



Hill Country Coons


Mitcha Coontails

Silky Amber

Maine Coon Cattery in Ohio


Highlander Maine Coons

Maine Delite

Maine Lvrs

Maine Coon Cattery in Florida


Maine Coon Cattery in Pennsylvania


Maine Coon Cattery in Ontario, Canada


New Choice


Maine Coon Cattery in Russia

Online and in your social media feed, you can’t miss the Russian catteries showing off their extravagant Maine Coons. Russians are cat crazed, so the catteries do awesome work at the highest standards.

Some of their cats may even look different! That’s because some Russian and European bloodlines produce more wild-looking cats versus “sweeter”-looking cats.

Allegiance Love Maine Coon cattery

Dream Coon

See Mentions of “Cheap Maine Coon Kittens?”

If you see advertisements about cheap Maine Coon kittens for sale under $500 or so, avoid them! Incredibly low prices like that are signs of a probably kitten mill.

These sad places don’t have the welfare of cats in mind, and are solely focused on profit. A kitten this cheap is likely to have health and other issues, too, because who knows what type of environment it is.

Breeding happy, healthy Maine Coon kittens incurs some major costs and is so much work. That’s why a proper Maine Coon kitten starts at around $1000.

See my full post on the price of Maine Coons and learn why it’s good to pay a high price.

You Don’t Have Get a Maine Coon Kitten

This needs to be said. You do not have to get a kitten from a specialized Maine Coon breeder at their cattery.

If you simply want a cat for companionship and would like to be an angel to a creature in need, look into rescue adoption.

From older cats that have been given up to extra kittens, there is a forever need in providing homes for homeless cats. Older cats make great companions for seniors because they’re calmer overall.

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From Our #1 Ranked Online Pet Store

  • 365 day returns
  • 24/7 support
  • Discounts on new customers, Autoship, 1-3 day delivery & more!