11 Largest Maine Coon Cats

large maine coon

“That’s a big cat!” is a typical reaction from people upon seeing my large Maine Coon for the first time. And at 14 pounds, she is pleasantly hefty.

I love having this giant feline buddy around, but she’s not anywhere near any as big as the largest Maine Coon cats. So, let’s talk about other huge Maine Coons from around the world!

Largest Maine Coon Cat

1. Barivel

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest cat in the world currently is Barivel, a Maine Coon from Italy.

“A shy, nice cat,” says his family
With Mom
Very Important Cat, rides around in a stroller.

At 3 ft 11.2 in (120cm), his owner says Barivel always shocks people because of his large size. He has his own Instagram and despite the attention, he is a quiet and shy cat, says his owner!

Past Largest Maine Coon Cat

2. Ludo

Ludo from the United Kingdom was the record holder of the World’s Largest Cat before Barivel.

Photo via LudoTheCat

Ludo measures an astonishing 3 ft 10.6 in from nose to tail. Due to his size, he is not as feisty as other cats, but still very friendly and going!

Biggest Maine Coon In the USA

3. Samson

Samson is the largest cat in the USA, currently about 6 years old and about 28 pounds!

Samson, the biggest cat in the USA. Photo via NYPost

Samson lives in New York with his proud owner, and eats up to 6 cans of wet cat food plus dry kibble daily. Enormous!

A Big Maine Coon with an Even Bigger Heart!

4. Stewie

We can’t forget about the biggest Maine Coon in recent times! Stewie was the world’s largest maine coon cat about 10 years ago and he has not been forgotten.

Guinness Book of World Records

An incredible 4 ft 0.4 in long at full stretch, Stewie was a true gentle giant and certified therapy animal, visiting local elder care homes. Unfortunately, this big Maine Coon passed away from cancer in his home of Nevada in January, 2013.

Huge Maine Coon on Youtube

5. Sean Coonery

Sean Coonery is a silver tabby huge Maine Coon and a very popular Youtuber.

“sup human”

Sean Coonery exhibits the typical Maine Coon behavior of being extremely vocal. They have a funny comment for everything and it’s endearing.

Big Maine Coon from Scandinavia

6. Lotus

Lotus is a creamsicle-colored orange tabby Maine Coon who lives with his family in Sweden. This big Maine Coon is, without a doubt, Instagram famous with over 350,000 followers.

Photo via Lotus the Maine Coon

Lotus is “just” 22 pounds, though pictures convey so much more. This is due to the abundant fluff and oversized features.

Largest Maine Coon Cat from Down Under

7. Omar

Omar is from Melbourne, Australia and is one of the world largest Maine Coons at 4 ft 11 in. Maybe he can attribute his size to the raw supermarket-bought Kangaroo meat his owner feeds him!

Photo via: Omar the Maine Coon Cat

Officially, he has has not been recognized yet by the Guinness Book of World Records. Unofficially, his 160,000 Instagram followers already know Omar to be the king! If you’re looking for a Maine Coon kitten in Australia, visit Pet Directory.

Large Maine Coon from France

8. Moonwalk Mognum

Moonwalk Mognum is the pride and joy of Moonwalk Cattery in Chaillé-les-Marais, France.

Photo via: MaineCoonSavannah

At a glorious 28 pounds, he certainly is one of the largest Maine Coons in the Europe. Above, he almost dwarfs his handler!

Another Huge Maine Coon from France

9. Hélios

Hélios is a beloved black and silver huge Maine Coon boy from Chatterie de Cimiez in south of France.

Big yawn!
Hello there, boss.

Hélios here is also a Youtuber with videos getting up to a million views!

Biggest Maine Coon on Reddit

10. Mr. Kittles

Check out this gentle giant!

Maine Coon size comparison
Photo via Reddit

This above comes from a Reddit user DefinitelyAverage that totally shows how large a Maine Coon is compared to normal kitties of the same coat and color. Check it out, it’s like David and Goliath!

Large Maine Coon from Hawaii

11. Chelle

Chelle is a 15 pound smoke silver girl that lives in Hawaii.

While she is not a large as the other record-breakers on this list, her personality makes up for it! Just kidding – this is my cat 🙂 My girl would throw a fit if I didn’t include her on a list like this.

Here she is below standing up to display her real size.

Why Are Maine Coons So Big?

First, Maine Coons are large due to the work of breeders.

The largeness is a part of the breed standard in accredited cat shows, and larger Maine Coons are bred together to produce more of that type.

Every cattery on the show cat circuit would love to show and breed cats that break records in size!

Second, Maine Coons are such a large size because of where they originated from. In nature, a phenomenon known as Bergmann’s rule that states:

It holds that within such species body size varies such that individuals occupying colder environments tend to be larger than individuals who live in warmer environments

Plos One: A Reassessment of Bergmann’s Rule in Modern Humans

The reason for this is basically because a larger mass will lose heat less quickly. And animals and humans evolved like this to keep warmer in extreme cold environments! This is why you won’t see short hair Maine Coons – they all have evolutionary adaptations to their home.

Norwegian Forest Cat via Wikicommons

This is why the two large domestic cat breeds:

Are so dang big!

Maine Coon Size

Maine Coon Paws
My girls paws. Got your tickets to the gun show?

Males range from 18-25 pounds Females are a bit lighter at 10-15 pounds From nose to tail and stretched out, Maine Coons range from 3 – 4 feet in length!

Realize that average house cats only get to around 10 pounds. Even a small female Maine Coon dwarfs an average domestic cat. Especially because this breed has oversized features (see above).

I’m very appreciative and aware of this fact when seeing regular cats. And while Maine Coons are much larger than your normal cat, parenting one is not that different (except for all the large gear you need to buy, like litter boxes or beds).

See my full post on Maine Coon size.

Large Maine Coon Weight

Another common unique identifier of Maine Coons would be weight. Like females over 15 pounds and males over 25 pounds.

As a Maine Coon gets larger, it’s important to differentiate between real size and or just being overweight. These cats are athletic and strong, and their larger mass should not hinder agility.

When picking feline accessories, like a cat tree or carrier or ensure they can handle a heavy load!

Giant Maine Coon Personality

The superb personality of Maine Coons is the trait that got them off the streets and into the houses of humans. Then later, on to the show circuit!

The fact that such a large animal is so docile, that a creature so wild-looking is so domesticated… that just blows my mind.

The “Gentle Giant” moniker everyone uses for this cat is so perfect!

The Maine Coon is a cat that loves to be at the center of attention amongst people. It thrives on social environments and being part of the family.

Have you known a cat intelligent enough to play fetch? What about practical jokes? Our huge Maine Coon companions do both of these.

They are loyal and trainable – like small dogs in some respects. Some owners even walk their Maine Coons outside on a leash!

Large Maine Coon Price

Get ready to pay between $1000 – $3000 and up for a a quality Maine Coon cat, from an CFA or TICA accredited cattery following best practices. Giant felines come can come with giant Maine Coon cat price.

Why are they so expensive? Breeding cats the right way is incredibly expensive and time consuming. A cattery has costs of daily life with their group of cats, plus constant veterinary visits for the pregnant queen.

When the litter of kittens are born, they have veterinary care as well. Don’t forget vaccinations, shots, boosters, spaying and neutering, and more.

A normal litter is on average only 4 kittens, so breeders need to at least break even to stay afloat.

Where to Find Large Maine Coon Kittens for Sale?

For the best chances of a large Maine Coon kitten, find a cattery that has “big cat” bloodlines. Some breeders aim to produce bigger cats, because size is part of the breed standard in cat shows.

Many breeders want to be known for large cats and lots of buyers want large cats, so contact reputable operations and visit their grounds.

Are There Large Maine Coon Breeders?

Yes, some breeders specialize in working with bloodlines that produce bigger Maine Coons. They will acquire large males and large females and breed them together for possibly larger litter.

These are likely breeders that also show their cats. They get to show off their work and attract more attention to their cattery. Reputation increases and they can do a better job in search of the perfect example of the breed.

Examples of this work would be those crazy huge Maine Coons you see from Russia!

Maine Coon Adoption

The chances of you adopting a purebred Maine Coon in the typical shelter or humane society fashion is slim to none. A Maine Coon is part of the family, much like a dog, and are typically spoiled rotten.

Many catteries also stipulate that if you ever are not able to house or give your cat a good life with love and care, you are to send them back to the original cattery.

So if looking for to adopt a Maine Coon, contact catteries around you. Many of them have adult or older cats ready for a chance of pace in a new loving home, for a small rehoming fee.

They could be retired breeding cats, who never had a chance to be a pet. They could be transient, or something else. Be their shining light!

Rescue Operations

Another place to check out would be various Maine Coon rescue non profit organizations like:

Large Maine Coon Cat Images

For an assortment of large Maine Coon cat images, simply see the above top 11 biggest Maine Coons!

Or check out My Modern Met for more majestic gentle giants!

In Closing

Hope you enjoyed our deep dive into the world of large Maine Coons and some of the biggest Maine Coons on earth. Go out there and start talking to a cattery!

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