Catspot Litter Review – It’s Coconut!

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I wish I found out about Catspot Litter, made from natural coconut coir, before! I suffer from skin allergies and am always looking to reduce possible irritants to prevent reactions, like the ones in common clay cat litter.

CatSpot Coconut Cat Litter
  • Made of 100% Coconut Coir
  • All Natural, Non-Toxic, Sustainable
  • No Chemicals and Irritants
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Super Absorbent
  • Compostable

Clay litter is also dusty and a possible carcinogen, too. Even in “dust-free” formulations, silica dust gets everywhere- on your floor, in your air, and onto your cat.

On top of that, manufacturing clay litter is destructive to the environment.

So in pursuit of better health for me, my cat, and the planet, I learned all about natural, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic litters like Catspot.

In this Catspot litter review, we first look at the product then discuss who benefits from coconut or other natural cat litters, and who would not. At the end, some alternatives.

Catspot Litter Review – Introduction

Catspot Coconut Cat Litter is a cat litter made only of recycled coconut coir.

It was the first coconut cat litter on the market, and still has few competitors in this direct space. But there is competition in other alternative cat litters, like ones made from paper, walnut, or wood.

The Story of Catspot Coconut Litter

In 2016, parent company Midwest Organic discovered that a local cat was using their coconut coir as litter, and had passed up several other options to use the coconut.

Following more research and development, CatSpot Coconut Cat Litter was launched to bring to the market an organic, all natural coconut cat litter. It is proudly made in the USA.

The brand promises to be more environmentally friendly than many other litters. The non-clumping version claims it can be composted or disposed of in the garden without harming plants or the environment.

Who Is the Owner of Catspot Litter?

Catspot Litter’s owner is Jeff Limbaugh. Check out an interview with him here, where he talks about the history of the brand, and coconut litter benefits to you and the environment.

Catspot Coconut Non-Clumping Cat Litter

Because Catspot is made only of recycled coconut coir, it is naturally non-clumping.

This does not act like clay litter, so don’t expect that. But the benefits are a lightweight and ultra absorbent, natural litter experience.

Catspot Coconut Clumping Cat Litter

Recently, Catspot released a clumping formulation free of clay and other chemical agents. If you miss some of the clumping ability of clay litter but want to stay natural, give this one a try!

Catspot Litter Review – Features and Benefits

CatSpot Coconut Cat Litter has many benefits that can make it an appealing option. Anyone reading coconut cat litter reviews should keep these in mind while deciding if this is the litter they want.

Environmentally Friendly

This litter is made of only one ingredient, natural coconut coir. The coconut coir is recycled and used litter can be composted and used in your garden.

This is a far cry from clay litter, which is obtained via the environmentally destructive methods of strip mining and surface mining.

If you want to live a greener lifestyle and minimize your carbon footprint, switching to a natural cat litter is a great start.


Many humans and cats are allergic to conventional clay litters or ingredients in it. Whether it is a concern with dust or fragrances, some will experience allergies or respiratory symptoms with traditional litter.

This litter has no fragrance or clay. If your cat has exhibited any of the common allergy symptoms such as sneezing, swollen paws, or vomiting; your cat may be allergic to something in their environment.

If you notice mainly issues with their paws and face, it can be a sign of allergies to their litter.

Switching to a new litter can be a good step in finding out what is causing the allergies in your cat and yourself. Be sure to visit the veterinarian to help narrow down what is causing your cat discomfort.


This litter is a very lightweight option. Coconut coir is naturally light. A single 5 pound bag of the non-clumping litter is advertised as being as effective as 20 pounds of typical clay litter.

This helps anyone who struggles to handle heavier litters. If you have a litter box on different floors of your home, you will appreciate having a lighter litter to carry when it’s time to refill your litter box.


The reason why this litter claims to be as effective as 20 pounds of clay litter is simple. Coconut can absorb 560% of its weight in liquid.

This means a smaller weight of coconut litter is needed to absorb the same amount of liquid as your typical clay litter.

This high absorbency also means that the litter will absorb liquids quickly, helping keep the smell down a bit more. It also means that when your cat needs to use the litter box again, it should be dry and ready to go.

All you need to do for this litter is scoop solids daily, and give the litter a stir to make sure you have drier coconut ready to absorb urine.

Just change after either 15 days or when the coconut has gotten significantly darker in color.

Softer for Your Cat’s Paws

The fine grind of the coconut fiber leads to it having a texture similar to coffee grounds or sand. This makes the coconut litter much softer for your cat. Some cats prefer softer surfaces to do their business.

This also means it can be kinder to your Maine Coon’s paws. If you’ve noticed irritation from digging in harder litters on your pet’s paws, this can be a good option to fix the issue.

Also, if you’ve ever had your cat pick a softer place to use for urinating like your rug, this litter should help with that problem.

My friend told me her elderly cat preferred soft blankets when she started having joint issues, and this litter could have helped her use her litter box properly.

Catspot Litter Review – Who Should Buy Coconut Cat Litter?

The ideal customer for coconut cat litter is looking something entirely hypoallergenic and dust-free, because they or their cat suffers from allergies.

This person is also environmentally conscious and also cares deeply about the air quality and health of their household.

Common clumping clay litters contain Sodium bentonite, something that can cause intestinal blockages if ever ingested. And we know that cats lick their paws after using their litter box.

Clay litter also has irritating and toxic dust, which, if inhaled for long enough, causes lung problems.

CatSpot is non clumping and is made entirely out of natural coconut, meaning it is free of:

  • Sodium bentonite
  • Fragrances
  • Unpronounceable ingredients

It’s environmentally friendly as well because it biodegrades or can be used as compost in your yard and garden.

As a lightweight litter, it is also perfect for any owner who struggles lifting bags of heavy litter to fill their litter box.

This litter is also very soft, with a feel more similar to sand. Some cats, especially older ones, prefer softer litter, and will take to the texture well.

Catspot Litter Review – Who Should Not Buy Coconut Cat Litter?

As you read this coconut cat litter review, keep in mind this is not your traditional cat litter.

Because there is no chemical odor control, multi-cat households with heavy litter box use have just the natural power of coconut to absorb odors.

It may not be enough, and you should check if the lack of fragrance is a worthwhile trade-off.

Owners of self cleaning litter boxes should also check with their manufacturer and confirm that this coconut cat litter is suitable for their systems.

Catspot Coconut Litter Reviews from Real People

Most reviews of this coconut cat litter are fairly positive. They note that cats tend to love it thanks to the soft surface. Some cats who have issues with other litters take this to this one, to their owner’s relief.

People also say that the fluffy litter is easily kicked out and causes tracking issues. They say using a litter mat helps, but I recommend a top entry litter box as a good solution.

Most of the negative coconut cat litter review opinions seem to focus on the tracking as well as some issues with odor control.

The clumps in the clumping version also aren’t very firm, making it a less ideal for many sifting litter boxes or automated boxes.

Some people have also noted that it can cause heavier cats like Maine Coons to sink when it’s first filled. You can help alleviate this by packing it down a bit before you let your cat use it.

Is Coconut Cat Litter Good for Cats?

Catspot and other coconut cat litters benefit cats if they have asthma or allergies to ingredients in clay litter (fragrances, chemicals) or the clay itself.

Silica dust from common clay litter causes intestinal blockages and lung problems for some cats over the long term. Coconut cat litter is made from just natural coconut, and is non-toxic in ingested.

What is the Healthiest Cat Litter To Use?

With so many litter options on the market in an assortment of materials, features, grain size, it’s easy to get confused.

  • Paper or wood non-clumping pellets – probably the healthiest option, in my opinion. Paper pulp or sustainable wood is used here, with no dust, no tracking, eco-friendly, with no harmful chemicals for your cat.
  • Wheat or Corn litter – popular natural litters due has a similar texture to clay (only lighter) with good clumping ability. Also non-irritating to asthma and clay sensitivities. But some cats and humans with plant protein allergies could react to these.
  • Walnut Litter or Coconut Litter – Litter made from walnut and coconut shells. These have the natural and non-toxic benefits of wheat and offers a texture similar to clay, without the potential allergenic effects of wheat.

The most important thing to realize is that the healthiest cat litter is the one your cat uses. So if that is only clay litter, let it be.

Alternatives to Catspot Coconut Litter

Cocokitty Coconut Cat Litter

The Cocokitty cat litter is another 100% natural coconut cat litter option with many of the same benefits as the Catspot litter. As far as coconut cat litter reviews go, the main difference is that Cocokitty uses coconut-based activated carbon to good effect for odor reduction. It also only comes in clumping form.

The two coconut litters are similarly priced. With regard to performance, this litter is noted as being dusty in reviews. Some owners reported that packing it down lightly helped.

  • Made entirely in the USA with coconut coir in a clumping formulation
  • A bit more dusty
  • Better odor control

Naturally Fresh Walnut Litter

Made of walnut shells, this 100% natural and organic litter is noted for having one of the best odor control out of all alternative litters. A great option if you’re worried about smells. It also clumps well enough in about 15 minutes.

Compared to the CatSpot brand, this walnut litter tracks less and costs less, but there is a possibility dustiness. Dustiness depends on the bag since its all natural material.

  • Clumps well within 15 minutes
  • Affordable
  • Good odor control
  • Less tracking

If you are looking for good odor control, people who foster cats have listed this as a favorite litter. Check it out if this sounds like it will work for your home.

ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter

ökocat litter is made of sustainable natural wood fiber and advertises good odor control and fast clumping. It has no fragrances or dyes, making it good for sensitive cats or those with allergies. This litter is cheaper than the CatSpot.

There are some tracking issues, because it is so light. And dust is an issue, like it is for all natural, fluffy litters. But overall performance is very good.

  • Great odor control
  • Made of wood
  • Has multiple options for different needs like long-haired cats
  • Clumps well

If you have a long-haired cat, be sure to try their long-hair version. This would have saved me some headaches when my fluffy girl was dealing with litter sticking to the back of legs and rear.

World’s Best Cat Litter

The World’s Best Cat Litter is a popular brand of natural, non-toxic corn-base litter. With a number of formulations catering to any cat, it has devoted follower that love how well it performs.

Great odor prevention and quick clumping action are two of the most expressed sentiments by current users. It is hypoallergenic and mostly dustless with no silica clay of course, saving your lungs and sparing you from other allergens.

  • Flushable
  • Corn-based
  • Lightweight
  • Great odor prevention

However, the World’s Best Cat Litter is plant-based, so those with plant protein allergies might still react. As with all natural litters, some people complain of bugs or mites in their bag.

Catspot Litter Review – Conclusion


  • Eco-friendly and Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • Lightweight
  • Soft on paws
  • 100% natural and compostable


  • Odor control can be lacking
  • Tracks and sticks to fur due to lightweight
  • Price

Bottom line – if you or your cat suffer from coughing or itching and swelling due to allergic reactions from common ingredients in clay litter, CatSpot Litter can help.

Those aiming for a greener lifestyle and into minimizing their footprint will find value in the recycled coconut coir material and compostability.

Don’t support strip mining the planet and don’t coat your house in carcinogenic silica dust, essentially!

As long as you understand this does not act 100% like the litter you’re accustomed to (which can be a good thing!) this all natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic hypoallergenic cat litter is worth a try!

I hope this Catspot litter review was useful.

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  • 24/7 support
  • Discounts on new customers, Autoship, 1-3 day delivery & more!