Can You Vacuum Cat Litter with a Dyson?


  • Dyson vacuums are ideal for cleaning up dry cat litter with strong suction and durability.
  • Cordless stick models like the V15 and V8 are convenient lightweight options.
  • Don’t vacuum wet litter or poop. Use a shop vacuum instead.
  • When choosing a cat litter vacuum, look for durability, strong suction power, and suitability for your floor type.

Many cat owners have turned to vacuums to make litter clean up easier. Picking up cat litter can be one of the tiring chores of even the most devoted cat owner.

My long haired cat tracks a mess when she goes to and from her litter box. The little pieces of cat litter seem to scatter everywhere and I need to clean up the litter as soon as possible.

I have had the thought once or twice before when dealing with this problem – can you vacuum cat litter with a Dyson vacuum? Read more below to find out.

Can You Vacuum Cat Litter With a Dyson?

Many people swear by the cat litter cleaning abilities of a Dyson. Dyson creates vacuum cleaners that easily pick up small particles, including sand, dirt, and cat litter, with ease.

Many models are easy to use for small tasks, whether it is picking up litter or vacuuming cat hair. Definitely one of the best vacuum brands for cat litter. Below are a few examples.

Dyson V15
  • Useful laser highlights litter particles on hard floors
  • Adjusts power & battery according to debris and surface
  • Specifically for homes with pets

The Dyson V15 features incredible suction power in a slim vacuum. This cleaner is designed to detect fine particles on hard floors.

This aspect makes it an ideal Dyson for homes with hardwood flooring, laminate, vinyl, or linoleum. The Dyson V15 also adapts in the moment to offer a better clean. 

You can quickly vacuum cat litter without worrying about clogged filters or spreading litter.

Dyson V8
  • Fully sealed system locks in nasty litter and dust
  • Converts into handheld for picking up tracked litter anywhere
  • Light + easy to clean, store, and charge

The Dyson V8 works well on a variety of surfaces. This chargeable, cordless vacuum comes with great suction power that can last up to 40 minutes.

This Dyson has a lightweight build, which is ideal for quick clean ups. It is the type of vacuum that you can grab easily to pick up litter after your cat uses the litter box. And then it is a simple task to empty the canister.

Is it Bad to Vacuum Cat Litter?

Vacuuming cat litter with a regular vacuum can be a bad decision. If you neglect to do your research, you can easily damage the hose, filter, or brush of your vacuum cleaner.

Several Dyson vacuum models come with special features. These features make these vacuums more well-suited for litter clean up.

Can You Vacuum Cat Poop?

Very few people recommend using a regular vacuum, even a Dyson, for wet litter or cat poop. Any kind of wet substance will clump together in the hose or stick to the walls of the canister. 

You should also think about the smell. If you vacuum cat poop, the chances are that the smell will linger no matter what you do.

If you have a wet cat litter mess or need to clean up cat poop, consider a shop vacuum. Shop vacuums are ideal for both dry or wet messes. You should still avoid making a habit of cleaning up poop with a vacuum.

Essential Qualities of the Best Vacuum for Cat Litter Clean Up

Before you go into any major purchase, make sure to consider all aspects of the product. You want to make sure your investment in a Dyson vacuum makes sense for your home. Ask yourself whether it will fit your needs.

With any vacuum, including a Dyson, you should check certain factors. You want a vacuum that will pick up litter without creating more of a mess. You also should look for a vacuum that will stand the test of time.

But maybe you are not into Dyson, maybe you like another brand like Shark and are wondering what would be the best Shark vacuum for cat litter. That’s fine, as the below criteria apply to all vacuums.


A durable vacuum is essential for cat litter clean up. You want something that will work day after day for big and litter messes.

If you choose a cheaper model, you risk early wear and tear from hard, sharp pieces of litter. Dyson models are designed to be very durable and hardwearing.


Without good suction, you still have a mess. Your vacuum needs excellent suction power to pick up tiny cat litter pieces. 

Getting cat litter out of thick carpeting requires a powerful Dyson. For example, the Dyson V8 has exceptional suction power for both carpets and hard floors.

Flooring Type

Depending on where you place your cat’s litter box, you might have more trouble with litter messes. Some vacuums are not suited to picking up small particles from deep carpets.

Many Dyson models feature brushes or heads that help pick up cat litter from carpet.

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  • 24/7 support
  • Discounts on new customers, Autoship, 1-3 day delivery & more!