Calico Maine Coon – The Ultimate Guide


The calico Maine Coon cat is a tricolor, quilt-coated beauty.

This post is part of the Maine Coon color series. See posts on silverblackorange, white, tabby Maine Coons.

They bring the famous Maine Coon intelligence and friendliness, but in a striking patchwork coat. That thick, winter-ready coat looks extra regal when covered in rich marble patterns.

If you already have a Maine Coon cat with a calico coat, you know they are full of lovely brushstrokes you never tire of looking at.

And if you’re thinking of welcoming one into your home, you probably have tons of questions.

Photo via Wikicommons

That’s why I’m excited to go over essentials like breed basics, coat, genetics, and everything else you need to know about a Maine Coon with a calico twist!

Allure of a Calico Maine Coon Cat

Prized around the world for their beauty and relative rarity, calicos are actually considered “good luck charms” in places like Germany, Japan, and the US!

With a calico-colored Maine Coon, know that genetics determine everything. Patterns and colors vary with calicos. Calico cats are like snowflakes and you’ll never see the exact same pattern twice.

Every calico cat comes dressed in a different outfit! That’s the best way to look at it.

That’s why owning a cat like this is so exciting. You feel like you have a unique one-of-a-kind cat, because you do!

The Calico Maine Coon Coat

First, calico isn’t a breed. Many cat breeds can have a calico coat. So a calico-colored Maine Coon cat is just a regular Maine Coon cat that happens to have the genetics that produce a calico coat.

In addition, a cat isn’t a calico just because they have a bunch of colors in their coat. They need to have three colors: white, red, and black.

The coat can range from just a bit of white, with majority intermingled red and black fur, all the way to mostly white, with distinctly separated black and red patches.

And when I say “red” and “black,” I really mean the whole spectrum that those colors appear as: rust, cream, gray, orange, brown, or blue!

Calico Coat Patterns

As I mentioned, there’s tons of variance among Maine Coon cats with calico coats. Three specific coat patterns have actually been identified for the calico Maine Coon.


The best way to describe a dense calico coat is to say that it looks like an all-white Maine Coon played around with some paint!

This common calico coat is 25-75% white plus red and black patches. Each patch of color is solid and well defined, with no other colors and or patterns throughout.

The overall impression is tightly knit color patterns with deep black, red, orange, black and white.


Photo via

A dilute Calico Maine Coon is similar to the above, but like some turned down the brightness on the remote. The color of the fur is duller.

White stays but you’ll get something like an orange creamsicle or light brown instead of a dark red. Black turns into gray and blue.

Calico Tabby

Photo via Pictures of Cats

Any calico cat with tabby-patterned parent can inherit tabby markings! Talk about unique, like the above kitten.

A calico tabby shows off beautiful, tiger-like stripes and swirls in their colored patches. The patterns can vary, but they still got the three-color combination that defines the calico.

Calico Maine Coon Cat Genetics

Photo via Wikicommons

The genetic factors that determine this coat color and pattern are associated with the X chromosome, so calico Maine Coon cats are almost always female.

Cats with this coat borrow one color from the maternal X chromosome with a second color from the paternal X chromosome. And we all learned in 6th grade science that females carry XX chromosomes.

It is possible for male calicos to occur if a male cat has two X chromosomes. Just keep in mind that a male cat is probably sterile if this is the case.

Tortoiseshell vs Calico Maine Coons

Photo via u/mmkaytheniguess on Reddit

What’s the difference between calico and tortoiseshell Maine Coons? They look quite similar, but not really.

Here’s the facts: calicos are just tortoiseshell with white. So, the cat shown above is 100% tortoiseshell. As soon as there is white, she’s a calico!

Tortoiseshell cats lack the expression of a white spotting gene that calico cats have. “Torties” have busier coat with red, black, ginger, orange and gold, all mixed up or brindled together.

This excellent graphic from Messy Beast also explains that the white spotting gene affects the tortoiseshell coat pattern. More white there is, the more the black and red separate.

Tortoiseshell cats are also almost always female.

Maine Coon Calico Price

Not a calico nor a Maine Coon, but explains it pretty well!

Let’s just say it costs a pretty penny to own a cat this pretty! Calico cats are relatively rare.

When you’re getting a Maine Coon with calico fur, you’re combining a less common trait with a breed that’s already highly prized.

CFA-accredited catteries ask for anywhere from $800 to $2,000 for a purebred Maine Coon kitten. Some breeders want even more for certain colors – like calico or silver. Ask me how I know!

Beware of catteries who offer cheap kittens. A Maine Coon breeding operations incurs a ton of costs, and it is part of the reason why Maine Coons are so expensive in the first place.

See my full post on costs associated with Maine Coons.

Calico Maine Coon Kittens

Chance are you’ll be bringing home a female Maine Coon kitten if you want calico coat. Be prepared for a playful, curious little puff ball that needs loads of attention and interaction.

Play with them, give them treats, make sure they drink enough water, get them used to nail trims, exposure to a wide array of environments and people and/or pets.

Overall, these kittens start off as very playful and easygoing before basically staying that way for the rest of their lives!

Now, there is a stereotype of male Maine Coons being slightly friendlier, with females more aloof and doing their own thing. So will your Calico cat have a good personality?

Don’t worry too much about it because both genders are honestly very sweet and loyal with this breed. I refer to another stereotype that says Maine Coons are like the “dogs of the cat world!”

Maine Coon Calico Size

Photo via

Here’s where it gets interesting! They call Maine Coons gentle giants for a good reason.

A calico Maine Coon cat is about twice the normal weight of the “average” cat. While females are slightly lighter than males, you’re still dealing with a pretty massive domestic cat.

Growing to up to 40 inches in length, a male Maine Coon calico cat can weigh between 15 and 25 pounds. They will reach heights of 10 to 16 inches.

Maxing out at 40 inches in length like their male counterparts, female calico Maine Coons weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. Female heights range between 8 and 15 inches.

My own silver Maine Coon, Chelle, plots just perfectly with these stats by coming in at just under 15 pounds.

Everything from diet to genetics will impact the size of a Maine Coon. It’s impossible for me to tell you how large your cat will grow to be. A runt of the litter can grow up to be one of the biggest Maine Coons out there!

See my full post on the famous Maine Coon size.

Maine Coon Calico Personality

I know that the exotic coat makes the calico Maine Coon interesting to look at. However, it’s the personality of gold that makes this breed so alluring to me.

Maine Coons are smart, affectionate and fun. While they are extremely strong and robust, they are very sweet and affable pets to have in your home.

Maine Coons are known to be extremely loyal and many owners compare the Maine Coon temperament to a dog.

Like a dog, a Maine Coon will “adopt” a family member as their own and basically follow them around from room to room. It’s quite endearing and special.

Maine Coons also do great with other pets. Their gentle, laid-back temperament means there’s no drama or conflict in any living situation

(Provided you give them love, interaction, toys, playtime, scratching posts, catnip, treats, *BREATHES*, window perches, grooming, private real estate, and delicious food!)

Calico Maine Coons for Adoption

Photo via

Good luck here. It’s rare to find calico Maine Coons to adopt or rescue because this breed doesn’t get abandoned very often. But it does happen. Here are a few places to check:

The bottom three are credible 501(c)(3) organizations specializing in Maine Coons.

And probably my favorite method: talk to a local Maine Coon cattery! Breeders are the most plugged into the scene and may have adult or elderly Maine Coons ready for a loving family.

They might be retired breeding cats or cats returned to the cattery because the owners could no longer handle the responsibility.

See my full post on Maine Coon catteries.

Looking for Maine Coon Calico Kittens for Sale?

If you want to look for Maine Coon calico kittens for sale, start with a breeder or cattery in your local area.

It’s best to purchase from someone who is a drivable distance from where you live to avoid the need to put a kitten on a flight. A lonely journey in a crate can be pretty stressful for a baby cat.

Ask to see pedigrees of parents before giving anyone money. If a breeder lives locally, visit their cattery so see for yourself the living conditions and get a feel for their operation. Here’s a list of questions to ask.

Breeders can’t guarantee color combinations before kittens are born. They can make educated guesses based on the coats of the mother and father, but they cannot know for sure

Ultimately, I advocate for using home-based breeders that give kittens that loving touch.

It’s worth putting money down as a deposit and waiting for the next litter if you’re seriously into Maine Coon calico kitten for sale.

Where to Find Calico Maine Coon Cat for Sale?

As I mentioned earlier, breeders and catteries will sometimes rehome retired breeding cats. This is probably your best bet.

Or it may be where a cattery will find itself with adult cats that owners no longer can take care of, for a variety of reasons. Maybe you can be an angel for these homeless cats.

About Calico Maine Coon Breeders

Photo via Wikicommons

Calico Maine Coons are uncommon, but I have a couple tricks for actually finding this breed for sale.

As I said, I really prefer acquiring cats from local breeders. Begin your search for a Maine Coon breeder in your area by simply searching online + your local area.

My second trick is to attend some cat shows. A cat show is where elite breeders go to show off their highly valued cats.

During these shows, you can often talk directly with breeders and get information about upcoming litters. They might have calico or tortoiseshell floating around their bloodlines!

Some Final Thoughts

Calico Maine Coon cats are pure artwork. My final tips for finding your own calico buddy are to be patient, be flexible in patterns, and get ready to fall in love.

I can’t recommend a Maine Coon cat highly enough and I’ll be very happy for you if you can find a calico beauty (or any Maine Coon)!

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