Gary H.

I'm Gary Hu, a proud cat dad to a 15 lb Maine Coon. Have taken care of outdoor and indoor cats for over 10 years, and learned tons on behavior, habits, health, and products. I help new Maine Coon (or any other cat) parents with common questions and issues based on real, practical experience.

Calico Maine Coon – The Ultimate Guide

The calico Maine Coon cat is a tricolor, quilt-coated beauty. This post is part of the Maine Coon color series. See posts on silver, black, orange, white, tabby Maine Coons. They bring the famous Maine Coon intelligence and friendliness, but in a striking patchwork coat. That thick, winter-ready coat looks extra regal when covered in rich marble patterns. If …

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Cat Litter Alternatives

Traditional clay-based litters on the market leave much to be desired. They’re dusty, heavy to carry home from the store, and not exactly eco-friendly.  Lucky for us cat parents who want options, there’s a whole world of cat litter alternatives out there. From recycled paper pellets to natural wood shavings or even coconut – these …

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Food Names for Cats

How sweet it is to name a new feline friend! It’s a task many of us cat parents eagerly anticipate and sometimes, even agonize over. Why not draw inspiration from the kitchen? Naming your cat after food not only adds a touch of whimsy but also pays tribute to two of life’s greatest pleasures: beloved …

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Are Cat Treats Healthy? (Nutrition, Benefits & More)

Just as we humans have our guilty pleasures—chocolate chip cookies, anyone?—our feline companions also have their own indulgences. Enter the world of cat treats, the equivalent of our midnight snacks, but for cats. But, are they really “just” a treat? Or can they serve as something more, maybe even something healthy? Let’s talk about that! …

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Low Ash Cat Food

After going through loads of research (and buying different foods), we found Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health Wet Cat Food to be the best low ash cat food for its effectiveness and palatability. This started when a friend with an older male cat was concerned about ash in her cat’s food, and was worried it …

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Maine Coon Breeders

Below you’ll find select trustworthy CFA accredited Maine Coon breeders in the USA, Canada, and Russia. Whatever cattery you find, verify that they are with the CFA or TICA, and do your own due diligence. Then when you visit them, have these cat breeder questions to ask them. Don’t forget go online and look on …

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