Are Maine Coons Friendly?


  • Yes, Maine Coons have a very people-oriented temperament and are one of the friendliest cat breeds.
  • They were originally barn cats, catching rats and pests, but their winning personality quickly brought them into the family home. 
  • Maine Coons are large and they exude a calm confidence making them predictable and trustworthy.
  • They have a social nature that makes them incredible companions, displaying loyalty, curiosity, and docility. Yet they are not clingy or neurotic.
  • Maine Coons are great with kids, visiting friends and family, and other pets. 

I’m addressing one of the top questions I get a cat parent. Are Maine Coons friendly?

We’ll be looking to into temperament and personality of Maine Coon cats to get real about how awesome these cats are! Let’s get started.

A Friendly History of the Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon cats we all know today as house cats were once barn cats.

Maine Coons were staples in barns and stables after being carried over to the East Coast of the United States by European traders and sailors. In fact, a Maine Coon was often the resident rat catcher of a rural estate.

However, it wasn’t long before gregarious, loyal Maine Coon cats charmed humans into letting them move into the main house. The breed quickly became the ideal American house cat.

In addition, Maine Coon cats were the original darlings of the cat-show scene before Persian cats took over during the 1960s.

Calm and Confident

There’s something regal about Maine Coon cats. While they are much larger than most cat breeds, they don’t take on a lion persona. Maine Coons don’t use their size to intimidate.

It’s this calm confidence that makes Maine Coon cats so predictable and trustworthy. It also makes them very easy to integrate into your home life, from kids to friends or family who stop by.

Of course, it’s important to remember that Maine Coon cats are still vulnerable to the same anxieties and behavioral issues that affect all cats.

Don’t assume that owning a Maine Coon cat puts you on Easy Street. These cats need attention, cuddles, and proper direction to reach their potential.

Great Companions

A relationship with a Maine Coon offers all the best parts of cat parenting.

First, their social nature makes them incredible companions. They are known to cuddle up on the couch with their humans. Don’t be surprised if your Maine Coon has a talent for settling by you when it’s least expected.

But that doesn’t mean that Maine Coon cats are clingy. The opposite is actually true.

The social side of a Maine Coon’s personality is offset by an aloof, independent side that represents what most of us have experienced when owning cats.

The truth is that many cat people pick cats because they enjoy having space to themselves sometimes. Maine Coon cats can be counted on to give you some breathing room without giving the cold shoulder.

Maine Coon Cats Aren’t Neurotic

If you’ve ever owned a high-needs cat, diving back into cat ownership can feel intimidating. Maine Coon cats are generally low in neurotic tendencies.

Maine Coons generally have a relaxed, even-keeled demeanor. They aren’t prone to suddenly changing moods or feeling wronged/hurt by little things (like having the door closed on them or giving attention to another pet.)

Great With Cats, Dogs, and Other Pets

Not only are Maine Coons great with kids and strangers, they tend to get along with other pets super well.

They are generally unbothered by other cats in the house, and can form fast relationships with other felines without being jealous and territorial.

They also enjoy drama-free relationships with dogs, partly because they are bigger than some dogs people have these days.

Of course, I always say that it’s important to put pet safety first when asking a cat to share a living space with another animal.

Talk to your veterinarian about safe ways to integrate new pets into a home. While Maine Coon cats are generally amenable to sharing a home, they can still be negatively affected by prompt changes in living conditions.

Maine Coon Cats Are Curious in Nature

Maine Coon cats are “supervisors.” Once you own one, you’ll notice the way your cat comes around whenever you’re doing something interesting or new. This curiosity never leaves them.

Maine Coons can also true water babies. They have a reputation for playing with dripping sinks, wet bathtubs, and splashing water out of their bowl and onto your floors.

What’s more, some even follow their owners into the shower!

In many ways, Maine Coon cats are forever kittens. Their curious, playful nature allows them to approach life with a kitten-like wonder as they age.

Maine Coons Are Endlessly Loyal

It’s no secret that Maine Coon cats pick favorites. It’s common for a Maine Coon to pick a single person in a household to be their human.

While a Maine Coon cat can be expected to treat everyone in the household sweetly, they will follow their favorite human around. So endearing and dog-like.

Varied Vocalizations

There’s fascinating stuff to know about the voices of Maine Coon cats. First, Maine Coons generally have soft, baby-like meows that never get change with age.

However, meowing isn’t actually the preferred way that Maine Coons communicate.

“Despite their large size, the Maine Coon tends to chirp rather than deliver boisterous meows,” according to VCA Animal Hospitals. Yes, the most common vocalization Maine Coon cats make is chirping.

This bird-like chirping is actually Maine Coon’s way of saying “hello.” It typically indicates happiness. It may also mean that your Maine Coon cat is excited to show you something.

Trilling is also common. A trilling noise means that your Maine Coon cat is as happy as a clam. In fact, mother cats tenderly make trilling sounds at their kittens.

Chattering is a sign that your Maine Coon cat is stalking prey. It’s commonly heard when cats see birds and squirrels outside your window. However, it could mean that you have an intruder inside the house!

Gentle Giants

Maine Coon cats are affectionately known as gentle giants. While it’s not uncommon for Maine Coon cats to reach 18 pounds, they never lose their gentle gracefulness. It’s one of the ways to tell you’ve got genuine Maine Coon.

The size and hardiness of Maine Coon cats make them noticeable additions to the family. Life is simply cozier when you have a gentle giant in your home!

Great With Kids

Maine Coon cats are considered great family cats because they generally love kids. The sturdiness of Maine Coons helps them to keep up with fast kids who want to play.

Easy to Pet, Handle, and Love

Maine Coon cats love being picked up by humans. Unlike some cats with tendencies to tense up when humans hold them, Maine Coons melt in your arms.

They often exhibit extreme docility when being held by humans. Of course, it’s important to respect a cat’s boundaries by reading body language.

Maine Coon Cats Aren’t Allergy-Friendly Cats

Unfortunately, you might not find the idea of living with a Maine Coon cat very friendly if you suffer from allergies. Maine Coons are not hypoallergenic. In fact, their thick, dense coats are not ideal for allergy sufferers.

(Warning) Maine Coon Cats Aren’t Friendly on Your Wallet

The Maine Coon cat is a premium breed. The average Maine Coon kitten costs between $800 and $2,000. While searching for a cat from a Maine Coon cat rescue or shelter is an option, be prepared for the reality that these cats get scooped up immediately when they become available.

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